Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Do Your Colors Say?

They set the mood. They invoke a wide variety of different emotions or feelings. They have a huge impact on the way we perceive nearly everything in life.I’m talking about colors. Look around you and you will see countless examples of colors altering your perception of various aspects of life. This can be as simple as associating green with springtime, which in turn becomes associated with growth and vitality.There is a reason why people wear black at a funeral and a reason why red is considered a power color. If you go to a toy store, odds are the section for young boys will be blue while the one for young girls will be pink. You simply cannot escape the idea of associating certain colors with different elements of our culture. Same association can be applied in advertising and color printing.In designing ads, especially those that you would want to use a lot of colors on, you need to understand the kind of impact that colors can have on people beforehand.The more visual advertising is the more important this becomes. Take for instance advertising flyers. This form of advertising requires a strong color motif to get people interested in looking at it. Unlike a longer form of advertising, such as a catalog, a single glance needs to hook a person when they look at an advertising flyer, which is why you need to be sure you understand what colors would look best.Are you trying to convey a sense of prestige? If so, you might use silver in your ad. Alternatively, maybe you want to have a sense of spirituality and dignity. In that case you should have purple be a prominent color.Of course, even in longer advertisements you will need to be aware of what colors look best. When using a brochure printing company, the colors can be just as important as it is with a flyer. Having colors that sync up with what you are trying to say will help strengthen the message.The strength of well-picked colors is the fact that it can augment your message. Sometimes you cannot come right out and say certain things about a product as easily. If you want to imply a feeling of warmth and vibrancy, well, this is not something you can easily say your product has. However, if you use a strong orange coloring surrounding the product, you can get this message across without actually using the words.Not everything in an ad is going to be immediately considered on the conscious level. If you are not aware of the messages different colors send you might end up undermining your own message by using colors that counter your claims. Make sure when using a brochure printing company, or any other kind of advertising, that you are aware of exactly what your colors have to say.

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