Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Future of Offset Printing

The first printing press dates back almost 600 years. Printing has come a long way since its inception. Although digital color printing has its advantages, there is still a place for offset color printing. Most small businesses can greatly benefit by incorporating color printing into their marketing plan.Despite what you may have read, there are still people who leave the Internet thus wandering outside. Color printing in the form of posters can be a great marketing tool catching just as many eyeballs potentially as a web site. Posters are an excellent tool when properly placed, and they can also enhance online traffic by prominently displaying your web site address.Color printing is also beneficial when utilizing catalogs or brochures.It is imperative to capture the attention of the recipient immediately when one engages in direct mail efforts. Content is obviously very important. However, color scheme and printing quality are also critical in order to ensure your mailer does not go directly into the circular file.Postcard marketing is also a smart utilization of color printing. Postcards decrease associated mailing expense while retaining effectiveness if the limited "real estate" they entail if used properly. They often prove to be a great avenue for targeting a hard to reach niche audience.Other color printing needs are seen throughout the operation. Examples include everything from signs in the office to color business cards. Training manuals, coupons, and menus can also be on the list depending upon the nature of the business.Many assume digital printing is always the best path for their color printing needs. This is not always the case. Limited runs with very short deadlines usually are best suited to digital printing. However, for longer runs it becomes apparent that offset printing is the more economical choice. Most printing experts put the threshold at 2500 impressions for any given run. If it is projected to be over that amount, then you should seriously consider offset printing.When it comes to personalization, digital printing is most often the best route to take. Offset printing becomes cumbersome when there exist many fields of variable data. However, for projects entailing limited variable data the combination of these two processes can be used. A joint use of high-speed inkjet printing along with offset printing can capture the cost benefits of offset color printing while retaining the ability to personalize to a limited degree.When crafting your overall marketing strategy do not leave out proven real world methods. Properly place posters and targeted mailings are both great uses for color printing. Online is great but does not address your entire audience. Analyze the costs and benefits between offset and digital printing. Those postcards with limited variable data might be far less expensive than you imagine. Let color printing help your business prosper.

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